About Us

Embracing its commitment to quality and affordable products, Liberty has grown from its humble beginnings to a global brand showcasing it's competitive edge in breads, cakes, and pastries industry.

mr ah nam portrait

Our Story

During the pre-war years, an enterprising Chinese trader named “Ah Nam” started a small bakery in Manila. He saw the opportunities to provide freshly baked foods like breads, biscuits, cookies, and cakes for the growing needs of his community, and he named it “Liberty”.

More than so many years had passed, the place has been renamed “Nicolas Zamora Street”, but the Liberty has remained standing tall, it’s siple edifice has been spared from ravages of World War II. And as the cliches says “Liberty has it’s stood the test of times.” Ah Nam diligently worked very hard to nurture his small business. Consistently and personally seeing through each step of the way making sure every Liberty bread that will come out from his “pugon” will be thoroughly enjoy by his customers. For him, every centavo that his customer would spend to buy his bread must be worth its cost.

With the shortage of flour during the liberation, Ah Nam introduced “Rice buns” which become so popular that it started a trend in the baking industry.

The 70’s after brought Liberty to prominence when Henry Ah, the youngest son of Ah Nam took over the reign of leadership. Henry Ah kept himself abreast with the latest trends and developments in baking techniques here and abroad. He took advanced studies at the Philippine Institute of Baking, the American Institute of Baking and the Wilton Shool of Baking. The dutiful son introduced modern food concept in baking and food preparations for Liberty.

The 80’s marked a significant milestone for Liberty which led to it’s phenominal growth when it won the bidding of distribution of Nutribun, a health and nutrition advocacy project of the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ government in 1970. As a convenient ready-to-eat complete meal for public schools to combat hungry and malnutrition child and also to different welfare and service centers in Metro Manila. This nutritional buns also serve another purposed when tropical storm Frank strucked the Philippines wayback September 1970, as a nutritious food airdropped to the disaster victims. This program was possibly made thorough the joint effort of the United States of America and Philippine Agencies and some local bakeries.

That’s where Liberty comes in as one the trusted bakery to supply Nutribun in public schools in 1976. Liberty is a family-owned business since it was established in 1940. Liberty has in-house Registered Food Nutrition Dietitian and food technologists.

The 90’s catapulted Liberty to automation when Henry Ah invested into modernization and hi-technology machineries designed to produced consistent quality products. A 24/7 full service manufacturing plant was also built opening new door step for its institutional clients.

By then end of the 90’s, the company was registered as a Corporation thus assuing a new name “Liberty Food Mart Inc.” As is plans to venture into other food products and services, product and research development were started. From then on, Liberty Food Mart Inc. was unstoppable in entering new markets and pursuing bigger opportunities for growth and expansion.